For startups

IP angel for startups

Credible IP protection makes a huge difference in the value of a high tech startup company. Nowadays one of the first questions asked from a startup by an investor or a potential aquirer is their IP situation. For a startup company organizing IP matters may become overwhelming and expensive when the focus is in getting products ready for market and finding funding.

With its excellent know-how on the high tech industry TLEpatent can help high tech startups to tackle their IP challenges. Unlike tradional patent agencies TLEpatent can come very close to your business and take a holistic responsibility of your IP issues. We like to call ourselves “a business angel on the IP front” i.e. “an IP angel”.


Link between inventors and external attorneys

  • You need someone who also talks “business” and “engineer” not just “patent law”
  • We can reduce the amount of work inventors need to put in patent prosecution
  • We interpret between legal and technical language

Our services for startups:

  • IP strategy formulation
    • Optimizing your internal IP processes and running them
      • Invention report processes
      • Employee invention rewards
      • Portfolio management
    • Prosecuting your patent porfolio with help of external attorneys
    • Explaining your IP strategy and value of your IP portfolio to investors
    • Helping you in your IP discussions with other companies
      • Patent licensing, both in-licencing and out-licencing
      • Patent litigations
      • IP issues as a part of Merger and Acquistion negotiations

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