For Investor Funds

As an investor you need to know the IP value of a company in case of an investment decision or a due diligence for an M&A deal. It is easy to find out how many patents a company has filed. It is anything but easy to evaluate the quality and value of those patents, to examine non-patented IP in the company or to assess potential IP risks of the company.

Tommi Lehtinen has experience in participating in several major acquisitions in global high tech industry as well as in many due diligence processes where small and medium sized companies have been studied for potential acquisition. We can dive deeper into the discussion with technical and business experts to really dig out the real potential of the target company IP and to estimate the related IP risks and the level of IP understanding in the target company.

Our service offered to Investor funds:

  • Evaluation of the value and potential of a target company IP
  • Assessment of the IP risks of a target company
  • Evaluation of the IP processes and understanding in the target company

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