For Corporations

Well established high tech companies have their own IP departments. However, smaller companies without enough IP issues to justify a full time IP person, often add IP responsibility on top of other responsibilities of the Chief Technology Officer or Head of the R&D department. They will then handle IP tasks like coordinating the external attorneys on top of his/her typically busy agenda.

At TLEpatent we are specialized in industry in-house work. We can come a lot closer to your business needs than a normal external patent agency can. This allows us to offer the benefits of an in-house IP department without the cost of building a complete internal IP organization.

 Our main services for corporations:

  • IP strategy formulation
    • Optimizing your internal IP processes and running them
      • Invention report processes
      • Employee invention rewards
      • Portfolio management
    • Prosecuting your patent porfolio with help of external attorneys
    • Explaining your IP strategy and value of your IP portfolio to investors
    • Helping you in your IP discussions with other companies
      • Patent licensing, both in-licencing and out-licencing
      • Patent litigations
      • IP issues as a part of Merger and Acquistion negotiations


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