Reliable partner

for your IP needs

Technical and industry in-house know-how

  • Long experience in high tech in-house IP
  • Over 15 years of experience in leading IP organizations
  • Deep understanding of innovation and IP processes in high tech industry

Economic benefits

  • Business savvy IP for maximizing company IP value
  • Benefits of large company in-house experience but with more flexibility and less costs.
  • Improvement of IP quality

Global view

  • Optimizing company IP from global point of view rather than on the basis of individual legislation.
  • Experience in several major global license and litigation projects.
  • Extensive experience on IP due diligence for international mergers and acquisition deals.


TLEpatent is an Intellectual Property (IP) consultancy firm that can help solve customers to solve their IP challenges.

We offer to small and medium sized companies something that the larger companies have internally: a dedicated IP person with strong business understanding, who can take holistic responsibility for your IP needs and manage the needed external resources cost effectively and with high quality.

For larger companies we can offer a fresh external point of view for updating your IP strategy, for optimizing your internal IP processes, or for benchmarking yourself against other players in the industry.

IP strategy formulation • Facilitation of internal IP processes • Invention report evaluation • IP portfolio management decisions • Employee invention rewarding • Facilitating idea harvesting workshops • Contract and price negotiations towards external patent attorneys • Management of external patent attorneys • Link between inventors and external attorneys • “An IP front” towards the investors • Presenting own IP assets to a potential acquirer •  Optimization of internal IP processes • Supporting Merger and Aquistion (M&A) activities • Supporting Licensing & Litigation (L&L) activities • Read more about our services